About us


Houston Total Carpentry owner Salvador Rivera has worked in the home building industry since 1996. Focusing on carpentry, he has worked in Houston, Texas, since 2003. Upon opening his own company in 2007, Rivera and his team have grown the business from general carpentry to include virtually all aspects of home remodeling and new construction. Membership in the Better Business Bureau, reliable, professional work, and customer satisfaction are all part of Houston Total Carpentry.

“… reliable, professional work, and customer satisfaction…”

Houston Total Carpentry works in all areas of Houston, primarily serving the area inside the loop with projects in River Oaks, the Heights, Tanglewood, Bellaire, and Memorial. Past projects have included custom cabinetry, trim work, painting, plaster, framing and finishing, floor designs, fireplaces and mantels, bookcases, staircases, outside kitchens, pergolas, decks, patios, and porches.




Most homeowners will agree that it makes sense to increase a home’s value whenever possible. While a homeowner cannot control all the factors that determine property value – neighborhood, proximity to downtown, through traffic, etc. – one factor almost always increases a home’s worth.


Remodeling, whether for resale, refinancing, or to add to the owner’s enjoyment, pays off. In fact, larger remodeling projects like adding rooms or redoing kitchens have a proven track record of increasing home value. Additionally, projects such as refacing cabinets and doors or building new mantels and staircases enhance the home.



When considering home remodeling, questions come up. What part of our home should we remodel? What will give us the most return for our money? What are our goals? Obviously, homeowners who are remodeling for their own satisfaction already know the area(s) that need work. Those seeking a good return for their investment most often target kitchens and baths.  Adding room(s) and enhancing spaces with built-in shelves, cabinets, and increased storage prove profitable too. Recently, outside living spaces have increased home values as well.




When thinking about remodeling, another important consideration comes up.  Should we hire a contractor?Some home remodeling projects simply must be done by professionals. Choosing the right professional contractor will save time – and quite possibly money – in the long run, resulting in a quality product and just the look that the homeowner wanted.

A kitchen before remodeling

A kitchen after HTC remodeling