“I have recently completed a full scale remodel of a home in River Oaks with Houston Total Carpentry. The work was completed on time, on budget, and the quality of the work was excellent. HTC was very professional and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them again on another project.”

- Don Connelly, interior designer

AREA – Houston


“I was given Salvador’s name by a neighbor of mine who is a contractor and spoke highly of him. I found Salvador to be very friendly and presentable. He called ahead to schedule work to be done and was always on time. He spent a lot of time supervising and working with his help. I especially appreciated the fact that he was very sensitive to keeping his worksite clean. After finishing each job he thoroughly cleaned up and put back anything he had removed such as carpet and furniture. His fees were reasonable. I found him to be fair and ethical in his work. I will use him for any renovations that I need in my home.”

- Victoria Palmer, homeowner


“I have been doing business with Salvador Rivera of Houston Total Carpentry for over 6 years. He did all the carpentry work in my River Oaks home during my first renovation in 2005. He also handled the remodeling and expansion of my antique and interior design shop, Ex Domus, last fall, and he is currently in charge of the second renovation and major addition of my home. He has also handled many smaller projects for me throughout the years. He has done work for many of my friends, business associates, and family members.

“What I love about Salvador is that he is a perfectionist. I thought I was a perfectionist, and he puts me to shame. He insists on the best products and the absolute best workmanship. He simply will not allow his name to be attached to second rate workmanship. He is honest and amazingly trustworthy. I can depend on him 100%. He is polite, easy-going, and very calm. He is a good listener and a good communicator. Salvador is a great person and has a good heart. I very highly recommend him.

“P.S. Salvador’s crew members are equally qualified and trustworthy, too.”

- Ken Bernstein, homeowner and business owner

Ex Domus Interiors


“Salvador trimmed out my mid-century modern home, free floating shelves, European cabinets, and lots of detail. I would recommend him on any trim job.”

- John Blount, homeowner


“I heard about Houston Total Carpentry through another source that was having some work done for him. Salvador was very professional when he came to give me a bid for a wall unit I wanted in my office. He asked me questions about what I was looking to use the space for and walked my home to get an idea of what would fit best in my home. He then made some recommendations and followed up with a very reasonable quote. There was a lot of detail that went into building my wall-to-wall unit with filing cabinets. I was quite pleased as he was very careful during the project and also great about cleaning up after himself.

“I have had friends and family admire his work and some that have even asked for Mr. Rivera’s company name and number for projects they want quotes on as well. I would definitely use Houston Total Carpentry again!”

- Irma Johnson, homeowner